Thoughts on Burning Man 2013 “Cargo Cult”

I presented the resulting thoughts of my Burning Man 2013 at Burning Seed (Australian Regional) 2013. As I prepare for my 4th Burning Man (8th burn), I’m watching this to get in the zone and start my ruminations about this year’s “Caravansary” theme. I’m glad to be reminded to avoid being jaded by challenging myself to get uncomfortable and that the best high is being a part of someone else’s ‘a-ha’ moment. There’s a lot more I’m happy to be reminded of – thanks JayMan for ... {read more}

Breakdown / Breakthrough: A survey of the imminent evolution of Western culture from a Cultural Sustainability perspective

I’m getting ready to start on my thesis and being challenged in a number of ways as I try to complete my thesis proposal. Today I reviewed the last paper I wrote (for a theory class) about this pursuit… Breakdown / Breakthrough: A survey of the imminent evolution of Western culture from a Cultural Sustainability perspective Let’s start with the intrinsic and essential truth: our unconscious habits create the social structures we live amongst and we produce social life through our conscious and unconscious actions. In other ... {read more}

Attracting families to Baltimore

As Baltimore’s mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is getting attention for basically dealing with Baltimore (avoiding the state governor’s demand for ‘more arrests’ and urging the large un-insured population to sign up for Obama care), I am reminded of an essay I wrote as an application for an internship with the Baltimore Mayor’s office… How Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake can attract 10,000 families to Baltimore in 10 years Biddle Street, Baltimore (c) 2013 Miriam Fathalla The population decline ... {read more}

Re-examining the Resources of Detroit: The fate of a city’s art and culture

I wrote the following as part of an application for the 2013 Createquity Writing fellowship I was lucky enough to be invited to apply for.  I applied because Createquity Writing Fellowship would give me the critical direction I need to continue to tighten my writing skills, improve my access to leading work on the cusp of community engagement, civic participation and public art and offer me a degree of recognition as a writer and proponent of good public arts and development policies. More importantly than all of this, the Fellowship ... {read more}

Considering Chen’s “Lessons for Creative Cities from Burning Man: How organizations can sustain and disseminate a creative context”

Katherine Chen’s 2011 piece, Lessons for Creative Cities from Burning Man: How Organizations Can Sustain and Disseminate a Creative Context, provides examples of how the unique organizational structure of Burning Man (and its subsequent community) can be applied to enhance the creativity and connectivity of permanent locales. A multi-year study, rich with experiential research, over 80 interviews and immersed in peer literature, Lessons is a strong and credible piece. Chen’s work is well-placed amidst urban affairs and organizational ... {read more}
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