July 2017

From Radical to Routine – Conclusion

As demonstrated in the accounts above, the Burning Man experience is various and distinctive for each participant, each time. The Burning Man experience is also dynamic and changing because culture itself, our environment, and ultimately ourselves (as tools of interpretation) are changing. At a point, as happened for John Law and Paul Addis, the experience of Burning Man may no longer suit us, as individuals, or as a collective culture. SantaCon: When Culture Jamming Goes Conventional The trajectory of SantaCon may provide Burning Man with an ... {read more}

From Radical to Routine: Chapter 5

Burning Man: Still Subversive or Sold Out? 2011-2014: A Sold Out Event Due to environmental and other regulatory concerns, the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) dictates how many Burning Man tickets are issued each year. In 2011, these tickets sold out for the first time, with over 55,000 tickets issued at prices ranging from $190-390. Every year since has continued to sell out; the 2015 event sold out in 40 minutes, with many ambitious attendees complaining of missing out on tickets even though they were online and attempting purchase ... {read more}