October 2013

Attracting families to Baltimore

As Baltimore’s mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is getting attention for basically dealing with Baltimore (avoiding the state governor’s demand for ‘more arrests’ and urging the large un-insured population to sign up for Obama care), I am reminded of an essay I wrote as an application for an internship with the Baltimore Mayor’s office… How Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake can attract 10,000 families to Baltimore in 10 years Biddle Street, Baltimore (c) 2013 Miriam Fathalla The population decline ... {read more}

Re-examining the Resources of Detroit: The fate of a city’s art and culture

I wrote the following as part of an application for the 2013 Createquity Writing fellowship I was lucky enough to be invited to apply for.  I applied because Createquity Writing Fellowship would give me the critical direction I need to continue to tighten my writing skills, improve my access to leading work on the cusp of community engagement, civic participation and public art and offer me a degree of recognition as a writer and proponent of good public arts and development policies. More importantly than all of this, the Fellowship ... {read more}

Considering Chen’s “Lessons for Creative Cities from Burning Man: How organizations can sustain and disseminate a creative context”

Katherine Chen’s 2011 piece, Lessons for Creative Cities from Burning Man: How Organizations Can Sustain and Disseminate a Creative Context, provides examples of how the unique organizational structure of Burning Man (and its subsequent community) can be applied to enhance the creativity and connectivity of permanent locales. A multi-year study, rich with experiential research, over 80 interviews and immersed in peer literature, Lessons is a strong and credible piece. Chen’s work is well-placed amidst urban affairs and organizational ... {read more}