April 2013

Relationships are the Only Real Transactions: Sacred Economics

Charles Eisenstein’s recent book, ‘Sacred Economics’, discusses how our current economic and financial systems must change to more directly reflect and feed the metaphor of relationships they were initially created to reflect. The book is available for free download (with an option to give a gift of a payment too) on the website. This short film that accompanies Eisenstein’s writing was produced by Velcrow Ripper.  ... {read more}

How Much Permission Do We Need?

Considering cultural policy are we valuing room for spontaneity and unsanctioned or unofficial (or ‘officially’ not allowed) art, cultural expression and community development?    In his TEDxChristchurch presentation, Ryan Reynolds discusses the adolescent mind-frame of finding loopholes in policies to justify slightly subversive actions compared to an overly bureaucratic attitude towards anything occurring in the public realm (permit, insurance, licensing, etc requirements can be so onerous, they can stifle and stop creative ... {read more}

References and Reading

For “Cultural Sustainability and Burning Man” I developed a decent body of reference materials and I’ll share them, if you’re nice… Oh, okay…! http://www.creativecitizenry.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/man_brain1-300×298.jpg “The Gift” by Lewis Hyde discusses group formation and relationships created amongst a gift economy, which is one of the. Hyde’s analysis of other communities which explicitly practice gift giving as part of their culture offers an academically sound framework for the ... {read more}

Cultural Sustainability and Burning Man: The creation, organization, expansion, challenge and current state of a counterculture

For my first term paper at Goucher, I considered cultural sustainability and the incredibly imprecisely defined community of Burning Man…. and I had a lot to say. Hold on. Cultural Sustainability and Burning Man: The creation, organization, expansion, challenge and current state of a counterculture Subversion at Burning Man 2012 (c) Miriam Fathalla Due to mass media coverage, social networking and a growing common cultural shift, Burning Man, the event (a one-week festival of freedom, fire and imagination met with determination and ... {read more}

Gang or Family? Apparently the FBI decides

Yesterday’s post led me to further VICE reading… In 2011 the FBI added Juggalos (ICP fans or ‘Family’) to their National Gang Threat Assessment List. Now images referring to the Insane Clown Posse or Juggalos  including clothing, tattoos, etc are considered gang apparel and people with such items considered gang members. What does this say about the definition of ‘family’ (Juggalos’ self group definition) vs ‘gang’ (the FBI’s definition)? What about the inclusion/confusion of commercial interests in community ... {read more}
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