March 2012

Miriam in the Midwest: What’s next?

In case any readers are wondering, no I’m not in the Midwest at the moment (though, I will be back in a few weeks for a quick visit) but I am still doing things. Also, my focus has shifted to investigating how the social structures of transformational festivals may be applied to post-industrial city recovery/resilience efforts to maximize their success. Yep, I’m saying how do we make Black Rock City Everywhere, USA. I’m networking. I’ve attended and interviewed organizers and enthusiasts of transformational ... {read more}

From the T-Shirt to the Street Sign: CityFabric Cultivates Civic Ownership

When it comes to civic action I’m a big believer in ‘Ask for forgiveness, not permission.’ I discovered CityFabric last year when I was putting together a quickly made irrelevant post on the proliferation, profanity and absolute awesomeness of crowd-sourced funding schemes.  In April 2011, these guys launched a project through Kickstarter to sell t-shirts and other apparel with the screen-printed image of Raleigh,NC’s Nolli Map. Since the ridiculously huge success of this initiative in Raleigh, CityFabric is now ... {read more}