December 2011

Dancing in Detroit

Detroit has always been on the cutting edge of music and dance creation.On August 29 I stumbled into Jodies Svagr’s dance class ‘for the Passionate Ones’. Walking through a parking garage, I noticed people in Detroit’s Start Gallery’s windows long after opening hours. Shouting “What are you doing?” until I got their attention, I honestly wasn’t surprised to then be invited to check out the space and this unique and edgy dance class.The dancer in me has become an often overlooked and frustrated ... {read more}

Meredith: The Music Festival That Isn’t Really about the Music

Okay, I’m not in the Midwest anymore (but I do have a ton to post on my experiences there still) but I like the alliteration and I already paid for the domain name. Also, I’m still finding ’emerging economic and social structures’ that I’m keen to share, so here we go! Previous to actually going and seeing for myself, I kind of wrote off the Meredith Music Festival as an elitist, self-selected group of Melbourne hipsters and cool kids who thought too much about what they were going to wear camping. (Hm. ... {read more}