November 2011

Janet Started the Dance Party Revolution: my night with the Occupy Chicago Alley Cats (Happy Birthday Occupy!)

image credit: November 17, 2011 marks the two month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street and the 9 month anniversary of the start of the Libyan revolution. To celebrate these milestones, I’m posting pieces on the two nights I have spent with two Occupy sites: Occupy Chicago and Occupy Portland. In case you’ve been in a Hide’n’Seek championship, here’s a brief description of the Occupy movement from the Occupy Wall Street.  Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing series of demonstrations that began September ... {read more}

Economic Recovery by Bob the Builder

“Can We Fix it? Yes We Can!” Turns out, Bob the Builder really knows what he’s talking about. The Circle, Euphoria Studios’ Performance Troupephoto credit: I recently returned to Portland and started paying attention to the emails I regularly receive that are related to places and activities I tend to take to when I’m here. One of these is a newsletter from Euphoria Studios, a Portland movement arts space. A million years ago I took Neo-Tribal Bellydance classes at ... {read more}