October 2011

People for Urban Progress: Make Your Indy Ideas Happen

You may have seen my mention of People for Urban Progress in my Urbanized Summit presentation. People for Urban Progress have set quite an ambitious and broad mission statement for themselves:  PEOPLE FOR URBAN PROGRESS (PUP) is an Indianapolis-based 501c3 non-profit organization that promotes and advances public transit, environmental awareness, and urban design. We stand for project-based urban progress. We’re an idea incubator, design center, and do-tank. What’s impressive is that these guys do practical projects (they’re ... {read more}

Be a Part of the Blueprint for Rust Belt Recovery

After Indy (and so much more on that later) I went to Cleveland for a week. And so much more on that later, too. Right now, I’d like to highlight the trailer and fundraising effort for Saving Cities’ Rust Belt documentary, “Red, White and Blueprints”. Saving Cities is an organization dedicated to using media as a tool to advance community development across the Rust Belt. The Saving Cities website describes the organization as not “just believ(ing) in ideas, we believe in the people that create them, love them, and fight for them. ... {read more}

Welcome Home: Urbanized summit presentation

I presented my impressions of the Midwest and Indianapolis at the Urbanized summit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art last Friday. Here’s an adapted version of my presentation… I hope you didn’t have to be there to get it. ————————- “Welcome Home”Miriam Fathallawww.MiriamintheMidwest.comIndianapolis, IN 07 Oct 2011 Before I get started, I want to say thank you. I quit my job in Australia and moved to Chicago earlier this year to meet interesting people and their places in the ... {read more}

Indianapolis: Reader Review

MiriamintheMidwest.com was featured on the prominent urban issues blog, The Urbanophile, back in September. Since then I’ve been received requests to visit hometowns throughout the Midwest. This week I’m heading to Indianapolis to get a sense of life, renewal and community there and to speak at the Urbanized: Look/Move/Grow forum. Laura Henderson, Executive Director of the Indy Winter Farmers Market and Director of Growing Places Indy, was one of reader who emailed her comments directly to me. Laura’s email is a perfect ... {read more}

Chicago’s Most Wanted: Deadly DJs

On Saturday, 24 September, Chicago’s famous Gramaphone Records store hosted the first round of the newly created When Skills Turn Deadly DJ competition. I went along to witness this example of the strong DIY culture of Chicago and support my friend No Boats, one of the event organizers. “I always wanted to see a DJ competition here, so I decided to make it happen on my own. I got their support and my friend Myke involved and finally did it,” remarked No Boats, When Skills Turn Deadly DJ Competition co-creator. Myke ShyTowne, When Skills ... {read more}