September 2011

Environmental Encroachment: Let’s Get Honky

I’ve previously mentioned the extreme DIY energy of Chicago. Though it was not an especially active weekend, I found myself attending and documenting a number of great examples of this spirit of motivation. Friday night was the HONK Festival send-off party for Environmental Encroachment, a Chicago-based ‘magic circus marching band’ and performance art group. EE played and sold merchandise in a gallery (with a great display of abandoned or lost Chicago architectural relics) in the famous Flat Iron Building until they took the party to the ... {read more}

Upcoming Upper-Midwestern speaking and research tour

Yes it has been awhile. Prepare for the onslaught. I’m going to be unloading a lot of thoughts in the next few days as I prepare for my next blog tour. (please note the suggested reading soundtrack) September 26-30: Detroit, MI– Detroit Design Festival, Inside, Detroit Blogger John, Detroit Nation September 30: AFL GRAND FINAL! October 4-7: Indianapolis, IN(Speaking at the Urbanized: Look/Move/Grow Summit, Oct 7) October 7-8: Gary, IN October 8-9: Detroit, MI (Burning Man Decompression) October 9-15: Cleveland and ... {read more}