August 2011

Thursday’s Link List: August 25, 2011

In America… CNN’s Best Small American Towns lists many in the Midwest and Northeast and being preferable to live in based on job opportunities, schools, safety, economics, weather and activities. I wonder why west coast cities fare better than small towns in that region do? Across the pond… I know I already posted a bunch of links to analyses of the London riots, but this is a bloody brilliant discussion of the social disconnection that is rife throughout society but was expressed in the form of riots.  Continuing the ... {read more}

Guest Post for The Urbanophile

I just wrote this bio/summary sheet for upcoming publication at The Urbanophile. Miriam in the Midwest: Guest Post for The Urbanophile.comCopyright © 2011 Miriam Fathalla/Miriam in the Midwest A few months ago the author of this site agreed to meet with me in Chicago. When I investigated the nerves I was feeling on my way to that meeting I realized that The Urbanophile had been pivotal to the course of my life. Hi, I’m Miriam. I’m an American/Canadian citizen and an Australian permanent resident who has been living, researching and ... {read more}

A Week in Detroit: Day 2

July 31: I woke up late in the day after my first night in Detroit and accompanied my gracious host to the store to get breakfast goods. I learned a lot in this 7 block journey. 1. Jim Griffioen is right, there are grocery stores in Detroit and these are a lot better than the mega-corp chain stores major media outlets pity Detroit for not having. 2. Get your meat at the Polish grocery and your produce at the Arab grocery. 3. Oh shit, Ramadan starts tomorrow. 4. I can use my Illinois food stamps in any state (more on the amazing scheme to ... {read more}

A Week in Detroit: Day 1

Here’s a snapshot (or a few) of my ridiculously amazing, inspiring and gob smacking week in Detroit, July30 – Aug 6. Pieces about city pride, crazy amazing art and expression, freedom, community development, city planning etc are in the works, but for now please enjoy a little bit of my journey. I will be returning to the D for the last weeks of September (Miss Michigan pageant, Chromeo show thanks to MOTORCITYBLOG and Michigan Dekomp events) and October (the Hallowe’en of all Hallowe’ens thanks to TheatreBizarre). Saturday, July 30: I ... {read more}

Thursday’s Link List: Aug 11, 2011

I was distracted by Detroit last week so it’s a hefty! Thinking Differently about Urban Design… The recent closing of Borders bookstores is making some analysts think about the importance of re-invigorating the local competitive markets these big boxes killed. Furthermore, these large bookstores often served as informal meeting and hang out places (this was Chapters on Douglas for my high school years in Victoria, BC). Here, a policy writer calls for no net loss in theseimportant community gathering places. A homeless shelter whose ... {read more}
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