June 2011

Time Is Relative Anyway

I realise I’m a bit early here, but… I just found this video on (yet another new favorite, y’gotta love early retirement) the GOOD website. And below this sport and spoof comedy driven homage to the land I’m getting used to being a part of I see this link: Sixty Percent of American Teenages Now Support Torture. Anyway, Good.is is a really great website (like planetizen.com) that you should really check out.Sigh…. ... {read more}

What Is Our Anthropology Saying?

Reading about Empire, Nevada made me cry. It also made me think of other examples of abandoned urban spaces and how people are finding ways to explore, appreciate and sometimes re-appropriate these structures I recently read about a fifty level Thai skyscraper that’s been abandoned for 14 years (thanks to Planetizen, my new favourite news feed) and often check out NoPromiseofSafety.com for unreal imagery of abandoned buildings or places where the public are not allowed (these are examples of a growing community of urban explorers that ... {read more}

The Empire of Nowhere

As you know, I’m planning on participating in this year’s Burning Man event in Nevada and preparation means knowledge, so I regularly check out the main website. I recently read a post about the closing of the USG gypsum mine and manufacturing plant in Empire, NV, one of the nearest towns to the playa (the ?? mile lake bed that is the venue and “home” to thousands of Burners worldwide). The Burning Man Project’s post was one of community support and mourning for a neighbour. This inspired me to read more about this town and its ... {read more}

Placemaking Hits Hollywood

I don’t have a tv anymore, but really all I miss in Conan O’Brien and the news. So I’m really glad I stumbled upon this story in Planetizen (yes, my new best friend). In response to Chicago’s recent naming of a street in honor of Oprah Winfrey, late night TV host Conan O’Brien has suggested having his own street in L.A. Conan is even showing his dedication to the street with a little beautification. Though the Mayor of L.A. has not yet responded to his request, maybe this will inspire others to take some interest ... {read more}
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