May 2011

Disclaimer and Apologies

OK – the first article is a couple of days late, way too broad and not focused enough… I’ve been hearing that all my life. Anyway, I tried to shorten it and leave things out but I just had so much fun exploring all of the side topics that I had to leave them in there. So while it may take you until your 33rd birthday* to experience all I’ve put together, please do it anyway (if you’ve got the time) and let me know what you think. Don’t worry, I won’t have the energy to do this every week. Lots of love, ... {read more}

Inspiration strikes

Two weeks ago Janet Jackson appeared to me and inspired me to start this blog[i]. I was at a café and inexplicably hesitating clicking the ‘book now’ icon that would commit me to a few weeks of luxurious nothingness on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico, when I looked up, as we all seem to do when we are trying to make sense of our thoughts, and saw Ms. Jackson (sometimes I’m nasty). Taped to the window next to me was a flyer for a Janet-themed retrospective dance party that was happening two days later. My mind was cleared and I knew what to ... {read more}

How Can We Know the Dancer from the Dance? (Part One)

Gratitude… In the course of researching this article I met, conversed and danced with a number of people within the Fabulous Ladies of Fitness/Cole’s Bar, Dance Dance Party Party and WERQ/Zumba/Chicago Fitness Parties communities. I enjoyed nothing but warm welcomes and willing project participation and I am respectfully grateful for everyone’s contributions and kindness. How can we know the dancer from the dance? an exploration of current Chicago group dance sessions Dance is often a defining element of culture, demonstrating a ... {read more}

How Can We Know the Dancer from the Dance? (Part Two)

WERQ, Zumba… and Jazzercise (click for suggested reading soundtrack) Jyldo told me about WERQ, a new high-energy group dance-fitness class based on club tracks and sometimes held in bars. I got in touch with Chicago Fitness Parties the creators of WERQ and booked in for a session. In addition to (not so) regular daytime classes in fitness studios, Chicago Fitness Parties hosts WERQ After Dark, evening group dance fitness classes in bars. These events combine social activities with exercise in order to make fitness fun so people will ... {read more}

How Can We Tell the Dancer from the Dance? (Part Three)

Dance Dance Party Party (click for suggested reading soundtrack) Despite my extroverted nature, I’ve always connected with the lyric: “Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free-ee, at night I lock the door so no one else can see, I’m tired of dancing here all by myself, tonight I wanna dance with someone else…” So when I heard about Dance Dance Party Party, an all-girl, all-sober, all-dance party, I was stoked to check it out. Similar to FLoF, DDPP was started by two girlfriends on a whim and in an attempt to create the scene they ... {read more}
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